Referral Fees

Referral Fees 

To help our customers we offer a range of services that complement the moving process. This includes the use of a local solicitor for the legal paperwork relating to your sale or purchase and an associated financial services provider that will assist with any mortgage requirements. 

It is your decision whether you choose to use their recommended services. If you decide to use them, we may receive a referral fee. 

Please note, this will not add any additional costs to the fees quoted directly by the service provider. 

In the case of solicitors, we refer sellers and buyers to a panel of three different solicitors including, Laurus Law, Boys And Maughan and Apex Law. 

We have worked with all three of these solicitors for a while and they work effectively alongside our Sales team. 

For conveyancing services, we receive a fee of between £150 – £250 per completed transactions. 

In the case of financial services, we work with independent financial advisers that are available to meet at our branches or in their own office. We refer to these financial advisors as they have the same work ethic as us and always put the customer forward first. For this, we do not receive a referral fee.

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