Top 8 Staging Tips to be ready for photos

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Staging your home is stressful, simple. You want your home to look its best so that when your home goes live om the Internet it looks its best as its going to be in front of potentially thousands of house hunters. Here are our 8 top tips to get photo ready.


  1. DECLUTTER – This is probably the hardest but probably the most important one of all of our tips. Get rid of all those bits you’ve thought, I might need that one day and never used. This will let the potential buyers there is space to store all your bits and pieces even if they are hidden away.
  2. PETS BEDS AND BOWLS – We all love our pets, however, not everyone is ultra-happy about our pets. (I know, I was shocked too!) Hide them away for the photos, under the sink, stairs or garage is always a favourite spot to hide them.
  3. GARDEN – There is nothing better than going out to a fabulous garden that has just had the grass cut. Even the smell is amazing. If you haven’t got any lawn, make sure you have swept and put all the hose, spade and kids’ football in the shed.
  4. KITCHEN – Cleaning products used, check, away, check ……….ah……washing up…… leaving washing up on the drainer can be an easy way to get the dishes dry but when it comes to photos it unfortunately looks unsavoury so make sure all your washing up is put away.
  5. BEDROOMS – Made beds are always inviting even in photos. Make sure all the bed covers are straightened and the clothes and hidden away along with anything hanging on the back of the doors that may protrude during the photos.
  6. BATHROOMS – We all love a good old sing song in the shower or while relaxing in the bath. When you are getting ready for photos hide all the soaps and cleaning bits away so that the bathroom looks spic and span for the photo
  7. FRONT OF HOME – Now I know I said number 1, is the most important but…… this tip comes close! The front of the house is what makes people think, yes, I can live here. When the agent turns upkeep the driveway clear of cars to emphasise the size and space of the drive and if you can hide away those nasty wheelie bins (a lot easier than the old dustbins we had to carry if you were born in the early 90’s or earlier your know what I mean)
  8. LASTLY LOUNGE, SITTING ROOM & DINING ROOM – Try to de personalise the room as much as possible. We all love our photos but having too many up in these areas for photos where the agent must blur a ton of faces is always a nightmare.

If you want any more tips on selling your home from an Estate agent in Thanet and live anywhere in East Kent please give us a call.


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