What is happening in the Property Market?

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The sales market is so wild right now, trying to understand what is happening can be a stressful time. This article will explain what is going on, why and why it may be a good time to sell your home.

If the market, has you confused, this article may help you decide when is a good time to sell your home.

In this article we will cover:

  • What is going on in the market
  • Prices at the moment
  • Why now maybe the right time to sell

With all the uncertainty in the market with regards to the house prices, interest rates, the cost of living and the current situation in Ukraine this has stopped people from listing their homes and causing the spikes in the prices to continue upward due to the lack of properties coming to the market.

The chart below shows the prices of the properties are still at a high, but signs are showing it is slowing down:


**Rightmove House Price Index – June 2022


According to Rightmove ‘Price of property coming to market hits a fifth consecutive record of £368,614, albeit only up by a modest 0.3% in the month (+£1,113), as the pace of price growth slows’

All though the cost of living is only going up right now, the prices for properties are still high compared to last year especially in the Thanet & East Kent areas.

As you see below, Estate agents across the UK and in Thanet are still selling homes and for a very quick time:


**Rightmove House Price Index – June 2022
**Rightmove House Price Index – June 2022


Most people in the market right now are struggling to find their next home. The issue many vendors and buyers are having right now is once they have found that home is being able to act on it when they are not on the market or secured a buyer. Most buyers if they love your home will wait for you to find a property if the estate agent is keeping them in the loop from the start with constant updates.

Now that you know what is going on in the market and buyers still flocking to the kent coast from London and surrounding area now maybe the right time to capitalise on the market and the prices and look for the next adventure.

Call us today on 01843 661300 or simply click the Instant Valuation button and we will be in touch to have a friendly, no pressure chat about what you can do to get you ready for when that dream home comes up.


Paul Gardner – gardners – Estate Agents in Thanet, Kent, UK


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